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    Established in 2010,it has more than 10 years experience in Sapphire wafer.

  • production

    We have own factories with four production line in Wuxi and wuhan.Full use of the latest high-tech equipment manufacturing.

  • technology

    The company has invested to develop more than 20 new robotic products each year.

  • R&D TEAM

    R&D team continues to grow with a team of nearly 800 engineers and specialists in place.

APPLICATIONCoperation case


01Optical Glass

Sapphire glass (SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL) generally refers to synthetic sapphire, which is very different from the jewellery that people usually understand-natural sapphire. It is generally used for the manufacture of watch mirrors, anti-drop and scratch-resistant mobile phone covers, and high requirements Protective observation windows, in recent years, the synthesis cost has been reduced, and the application market has increased day by day. It is gradually being used in photographing, beauty equipment, and instrumentation protective windows.

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02Semiconductor Substrate

Sapphire crystal is one of the best substrate materials for the growth of the third-generation semiconductor material GaN epitaxial layer, and its single crystal preparation process is mature.

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03LED Sapphire Substrate

LED sapphire substrate has many advantages: firstly, the production technology of sapphire substrate is mature and the device quality is good; secondly, sapphire is very stable and can be used in the high temperature growth process; finally, sapphire has high mechanical strength, is easy to handle and Clean.

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Bsapphire wafer/sapphire substrate
sapphire wafer/sapphire substrate

Shanghai xinkehui new material co.,ltd based on JINGJING Tech co.ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, processing and sales of semiconductor glass wafer , special optical glass and new crystal materials.

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