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sapphire wafer/sapphire substrate

Due to the less mismatched lattice and stable chemical and physical properties, sapphire(Al2O3) wafer is the popular substrates for III-V nitrides, superconductor and magnetic epi-film. They are widely used in GaN and thin-film epitaxial growth, silicon on sapphire, LED market and optics industry.

Xinkehui is a professional sapphire wafer supplier who manufactures 99.999% high purity single crystal polished sapphire wafers for epitaxy. And our sapphire (Al2O3) substrates feature excellent surface finish, which is the key LED parameter.

About xinkehui

Shanghai xinkehui new material co.,ltd based on JINGJING Tech is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, processing and sales of semiconductor glass wafer , special optical glass and new crystal materials. Products are widely used in optical electronics, consumer electronics, military industry, such as laser and optical communication. The company‘s main products include sapphire optical window, sapphire optical components, equipment instrument accessories, mobile phone lens cover, sapphire bearing, special-shaped non-standard parts, and special ceramics, LT,silicon carbide SIC, quartz, etc. and other semiconductor crystal wafers.We have experienced engineering and technical team, and management experience, as well as precision machining equipment and testing instruments, have extremely strong non-standard product processing capacity, can according to customer demand design all kinds of new product research and development. The company will adhere to “customer as the center, quality as the foundation”, and strive to build a first-class high-tech enterprise in optoelectronic materials.



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